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Artist  Credits


Top Hat Gallery, St. Croix USVI:

“Late and the Great St. Croix” 2015

“Art St. Croix” 2015

“Art St. Croix 1&2” 2016 and 2017 “Crucian Contemporary” 2017 

Aqua Sounds Studio, St. Croix USVI:

“Musical Canvas”  2017

Caribbean Museum Center:

“New Blood (1,2,3,4)”

2017, 2018, 2019, 2021  

“The Coconut Fine Arts Exhibit” St. Croix, USVI 2021 

“Virgin Islands Contemporary” St. Thomas, USVI 2022  


Atlanta Belt Line Project : Atlanta, GA

Frederiksted Mural Project : St. Croix USVI

Frederiksted Health Care Inc./Aids Billboard Project : Fredriksted, St. Croix USVI

The Stanley and the Ten Sleepless Knights Cultural Mural : Christiansted, St. Croix

I Love St. Croix Installation: 

Frederiksted, St Croix USVI

Downes’ painting, Phoenix Rising, was selected by the Textile Museum of Canada to represent the USVI in their project WATERCOLOUR. 

(This project included designs from artists originating in Pan American countries to create a flotilla of customized sails which could navigate Lake Ontario’s shoreline, from Oshawa to Welland, as part of the TORONTO 2015 Pan American Games)


" Visions " 2010

Sam Flax Art & Design Atlanta, GA 

" Ascension " 2011

GA Perimeter College Atlanta, GA 

 "Fazes" 2012

Atlanta Foundation for Public Space Atlanta, GA

“Elements of Culture” 

Walsh Metal Works St. Croix USVI 2015

“ New Blood 1, 2 , 3 & 4 ” &

“Virgin Islands Contemporary”

Caribbean Museum Ctr 4 the Arts 2017-2021

& Cane Roots Gallery St. Croix USVI 2022

The Coconut Fine Arts Exhibit”

St. Croix USVI 2021

“ New Blood 5 ”

Fort Christian, St. Thomas USVI 2022

“Virgin Islands Contemporary”

Fort Christian, St. Thomas USVI 2022 &

Cane Roots Gallery St. Croix USVI 2022

Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson International Airport 

Atlanta, GA 2011

The Alliance Theater for the Arts

Atlanta, GA 2011

The Caribbean Fine Arts Exhibit

St. Croix  USVI 2009-2014

The Caribbean Colour Exhibit

St. Thomas USVI 2013-2016

81C, St. Thomas USVI 2021

Bajo El Sol , St. John USVI 2021

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