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To be able to create a work of art  is to come to a Divine  understanding of the Creator.


LUCIEN DOWNES is a Caribbean born artist and curator, whose work demonstrates freedom of thought and expression through mixed media. His ancestry of Trinidadian, Bajan and Crucian roots brings forward a culturally rich consciousness which emanates in his art.


Mr. Downes always had an affinity for art and photography, but did not take any steps towards creating until his tenure as general manager of Pearl Paint Atlanta, GA. As the GM, he was given many vendor samples of products which he used along with workshop, books, and critiques (from some of the top artist and teachers in the Atlanta area), to create 6 distinctive styles that he calls his own.  

Lucien’s work is composed of spiritual and worldly elements that function independently at times or merge to encompass a whole. His artwork is diverse, as he draws inspiration from daily life, spiritual themes, objects, moods, and movement, and his distinctive portrayals often provoke thought and emotion. Lucien utilizes resin, acrylic, fibers, raw pigments, plexiglass, inks, dyes, and occasionally found objects, to create depth and dimension within culturally themed pieces culturally themed pieces and depth within his pieces. His work brings a contemporary feel to everyday culturally significant subjects. 

 Mr. Downes' career is in its 13th year, and has not slowed down since selling his first painting six months after starting to teach himself how to paint. Mr. Downes believes that his ability to paint is a gift from the Creator and intends to use it for the upliftment of his culture and its people. Mr. Downes' work has been highlighted in several publications, events, murals, and high-profile homes around the world.


His pieces are displayed in the homes of Maya Angelou, Teddy Riley, Jeff Johnson, The Honorable Governor Albert Bryan Jr. Tim Duncan, Drs. David (University of the Virgin Islands President) and Marilyn Hall , and many other private and public collections around the world. 

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